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Sandra J. King

Sandy KingSandy King is founder and President of Practical Consultants, LLC.  She is a twenty year veteran of the New York State Police.  Many facets of this career over the years dealt directly with Emergency Response and Safety/Security issues.  Many times a Trooper is the first responder to a critical incident (i.e. motor vehicle accidents, suicidal persons, domestic situations) wherein he/she must initiate assessment, planning and coordination of a scene.  As a field training officer for new Troopers, Sandy is acutely aware of the responsibilities involved with being a first responder.  She is well versed in Personal Safety training as she has been a firearms instructor for many years, as well as having the opportunity to instruct Street Survival and Personal Safety courses.  In 1993 she began an assignment as the Troop E Recruitment/Assistant Public Information Officer.  During this assignment she continued to be involved in education regarding safety as she became certified as a New York State Crime Prevention Officer and taught classes dealing with sexual harassment.  In 1999, while assisting the position of School and Community Outreach Coordinator, she received further training in the areas of Domestic Violence, Incident Command, Counter Terrorism, and Safe School instruction. Additionally, in 2003 she attended the Secret Service Threat Assessment seminar on US School shootings, further enhancing her expertise in the field of school safety.   Ms. King spent her twenty year career with her primary focus being that of Safety and Planning whether it was in the completion of her every day duties, teaching valuable ideas, or completing courses to enhance her own knowledge.  Upon retirement, Ms. King and Ms. Lanphere founded Practical Consultants, LLC and she has continued to be involved with the most current aspects of Safety/Security planning and training.  In 2007 and 2008 Practical Consultants has been contracted with the Office of Child and Family Services to develop a Risk Assessment Tool to be utilized statewide within facilities and offices of that agency.  Mrs. King worked extensively on that project, making on-site visits to secure, limited secure, and residential OCFS facilities as well as office and management settings across the state to conduct risk assessments and develop a Risk Assessment Tool specific to the needs of the OCFS.  Additionally, Practical Consultants has been contracted with OCFS to provide Workplace Violence Prevention Training for a select group of local county Department of Social Service Agencies during 2008; Erie, Livingston, Nassau, Ontario, Steuben, and Yates counties.

Bridgette B.  Lanphere

Bridgette LanphereBridgette Lanphere is a co-founder of Practical Consultants, LLC. She is a twenty year veteran of the New York State Police. It was during the course of this twenty year career that a vast amount of expertise in the area(s) of Safety assessments and planning were developed. Personal safety issues were an “on-going” learning experience as the bulk of a New York State Trooper’s job is that of dealing with human behaviors. More specifically, in 1999 she began an assignment as the Troop E School and Community Outreach Coordinator. This was a new position within the State Police created as a result of the emerging issue of violence affecting all segments of our society. This position involved the development and presentation of programs for community outreach and education across the state. The training received in preparation for this assignment included (in part) the following: The New York State Police Safe School Program which includes the components of Awareness, Effective Response, and Planning (all in reference to crisis/emergency situations) ; The New York State Office of Emergency Services – Introduction to Emergency Management, ICS Command System (1-200), Basic Steps to Emergency Planning; New York State Police Violent Risk Assessment; Conflict Resolution; Restorative Justice. A great amount of experience was gleaned in the completion of this three year assignment in terms of Safety, Security and Emergency Response. Security Assessments were done in a variety of workplace settings including schools, manufacturing sites, and governmental agency locations. Much time was spent in assisting school districts with improving, expanding, and updating existing Emergency Response Plans. On many occasions, this position required acting as a liaison with agencies such as county level EMS, and training community fire and law enforcement personnel. Two programs that were developed are a Workplace Safety program and a Bullying Prevention program. These programs were presented by Ms. Lanphere and Ms. King at approx. 200 locations including schools and workplace settings. Upon retirement from The New York State Police, Ms. Lanphere and Ms. King founded Practical Consultants, LLC. Our firm has worked with Corning Glass, Inc., New York State Magistrates Association, and Silgan Plastics, Inc. both in presentation of our Violence Prevention program and Safety/Security Assessments. During the 2007 and 2008 school year, Mrs. Lanphere was contracted with Hammondsport Central School to serve as a prevention counselor within that school district.