Client Testimonials

I am the director of the WIC program in Schoharie County.  I also serve as Capital Regions WIC chair representative on the WIC board of Directors. I am the conference chair on the board. As WIC agencies we all have been experiencing increased and heightened violent situation in our clinics and agencies every day. I have been planning conferences for years now.  I have never encountered a presenter before where “all” of the evaluations on the presentation were 100% positive.  Here is a random sample of comments that were given:

  • “Best training I have ever  been to”
  • “OMG This totally opened my eyes”
  • “I am going to go back to my agency with this information”
  • “Best and most useful training I have ever attended”
  • “Best part of the day was listening to Sandra King”
  • “Totally opened my eyes that this can happen in our agency”
  • “I wish Sandra’s presentation was longer”
  • “Real life changing information”
  • “Loved, loved Trooper Sandy”

These are just a few of the comments we received, but they were all very positive.
Sandy provided our staff with plausible practical strategies to enhance workplace safety. She heightened all of our awareness in engaging in personal responsibility for our safety.

I have never heard such positive feedback and buzz after any conference I have planned.  I would highly recommend Sandra King for your next safety training seminar.  She is well worth it!

Katie Palmer C.D.N.
WIC Director
795 East Main Street
Cobleskill NY  12043


Thank you so much for your recent workplace violence training you provided to Cattaraugus County. We have had consultants provide this training in the past, and they were fairly decent, but let me just say that you were far and away the best I have ever seen. There is usually grumblings or critiques from some of  our employees for two or three weeks after the training. In the weeks since you provided your training, I have not heard one grumbling, and in fact I literally have employees and department heads calling me to express how awesome and eye opening your training was. I have never had this happen before. Furthermore, I have had at least 6 departments/locations within the County contact me to say that because of the training have surveyed their work locations and identified many things safety wise that need to be addressed. This simply means that you heightened their awareness and our employees took your training for all that it is worth. Of course, not only do we care about our employee safety, but we are also self-insured, so having the employees buy into a program such as work place violence is the best way for the County to help control exposure. You were simply amazing and absolutely worth every penny. The response is overwhelming and just unheard of around here. Thank you again for performing so well.

Dennis Brooks
Safety Engineer
Cattaraugus County
December 2013

I would like to thank you for presenting at the NYPWA’s 144th annual winter conference, Local DSS: Where the Action Is. We appreciate your role in supporting the overall success of the conference through providing attendees from both local districts and state agencies with new and innovative ideas to implement in their workplaces.

Your session on Peer Abuse was a conference favorite. I hope that we have an opportunity to have you back to speak at a future NYPWA conference.

Sincerely, Beth Keitel
Director of Member Services/Conference Coordinator
New York Public Welfare Association
Summer ConferenceJuly 21-24, 2013

“Sandy King, Practical Consultants, provided our staff with concrete strategies to enhance workplace safety. Personal responsibility and awareness is a cornerstone of her training program. That principal is essential for safety in the workplace. Sandy King’s consultant services provided our agency with a thorough assessment of our physical environment, policies and procedures. She promptly developed a report with recommendations for improvement. Her knowledge and expertise was evident throughout the process. The service we received was outstanding, well worth the investment.” Stephanie Clarke Director of Staff and Organizational Development Clinton County Department of Social Services

“The training was valuable because it illustrated how wide spread work place violence is and the need to take it seriously and communicate events to staff. It is better to be cautious than to think “it could never happen to me”…after all we are going into people’s homes.”

Tammy, Wyoming County DSS

“I thought Sandy King’s presentation was very helpful and had many useful hints for workplace safety ie: checking the residence when you arrive to see who is present and asking who is in the home at the time and scanning the home for people. Also, do not enter the home if someone tells you to enter, make them answer the door. Overall, the training was very helpful and informative.”

Beth, CPS Worker at Wyoming County DSS

“Sandy King’s presentation was fantastic. She used relevant examples and real life experiences to liven her presentation. She listened to examples from the audience and was able to keep control of the group, while interacting well with us. Her suggestions were practical and thought provoking.”

Debbie, CPS Case Supervisor, Wyoming County DSS

“I first heard Sandy King and her co-worker present at a conference. She was limited to and hour and half for her presentation and I knew what she had to say was very relevant to our work at DSS so I pursued having her come to our agency and train all our workers. Sandy gives real life experiences from her past work as a State Trooper and how she responded to certain situations. I would recommend this training/information to anyone who works with the public.” –

Kim, Director of Services, Wyoming County DSS

As I mentioned to Sandy before she left the day of our training, in my 42 years of going to all sorts of OCFS sponsored trainings, this was by far the most informative and best present training that I’ve ever attended. I could have listed to Sandy all day. She had a very unique way of keeping your interest with real life stories; all the while teaching and getting her point across on safety. She made eye contact with each and every person in the room and held everyone’s interest. There was very little sidebar conversations among the audience, which is a good indication of just how captivating her training was. Kudos to Sandy!

John Scott, OCFS

As a deliverer of services to the public, and services sometimes provided in the field, our staff is exposed to both known risks and those of which we are unaware. Occasional exposure to potentially dangerous incidents in and around our office compelled us to seek out some preventative professional guidance. Fortunate for us to have had the opportunity to have Sandra King from “Practical Consultants, LLC” address our staff (12/6/2011) about the potential for workplace violence, how to look out for it, understand it, what to do to prevent it, and how to respond to it if need be. Sandy’s presentation was a “wake-up call” to just about anyone who goes to work. As a retired NY State Trooper, Sandy knows from where she speaks and delivers from the perspective of someone who’s been there. Her passion, familiarity, and energized delivery engaged our staff and left its indelible mark. If you’re thinking about empowering yourselves and your workforce, I commend Sandy King to your attention.

Richard Goldstein, PhD., CRC
District Manager
Commission for the Blind & Visually Handicapped
Hempstead, New York

Comments from OCDSS staff prior to our training with Sandy King:
“Why do we have to go to a safety training?”
“I’m too busy and I’ve been here long enough so I don’t need this!”
“Nothing ever happens around here and I don’t do field work, this doesn’t pertain to me.”
“3 hours for a safety training, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

Comments from OCDSS staff after our training with Sandy King:
“I’ve been here for 20 years and that’s the best training I’ve ever been to.”
“All of the DSS staff should be made to attend Sandy’s training!”
“Why doesn’t the County have Sandy do all the mandated training.”
“Wow, that was the first time I heard so many people coming back saying how great a training was. Really made me want to go and check it out and they were right!”

James Pratt
Training Coordinator Orleans County DSS

Sandy King delivered a very interactive, informative 4-hour seminar to our group, and I could have easily stayed another 4-hours to learn more about Workplace Violence. The presentation not only applied to any workplace setting, but with the bad behaviors we’re faced with in today’s society. We learned the importance of assessing potential violence, how to respond to and manage other peoples’ behaviors, and how to prevent or mitigate violence. Sandy drove home the message of becoming aware of our surroundings at all times with basic safety guidelines. I left the seminar and actually rearranged my office space from Sandy’s recommendations to help avoid potentially threatening situations when meeting with employees. We’re in the process of assessing our workplace building, and even our business insurance policies to protect ourselves and our co-workers from the threat of Workplace Violence.

Lynda Koehler
Innova Business Services
7 Seneca Street, Hornell NY 14843
607-324-0736 / Fax 324-0738
Providing professional staffing services to businesses throughout New York State

We’ve had the training on “Safety in the Workplace” by Practical Consultants twice and after all deliveries, we’ve received nothing but compliments and kudos from the staff. It has to be one of the only trainings that has been so well-received across the boards. From a managerial standpoint, it was refreshing to see that emphasis was placed on the the individual. It is
truly the responsibility of each one of us to stay aware so we can stay alive.

Thad Komorowski
Staff Development Coordinator
Niagara County Department Social Services
P.O Box 506
Lockport, N.Y. 14095

Sandy – We were so pleased to have you! The session was fantastic and the information is already creating quite a buzz. The presentation provided a very “practical” approach to workplace violence and was very eye opening. Thank you for increasing our awareness and providing us with tools to assess potential situations. Your expertise in this field is clearly evident through your well versed knowledge on the topics of safety and security. I know we will be in touch to conduct future sessions with other areas of the bank.

Allyson Roote
Human Resource and Training Officer
Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
Canandaigua, NY

I thought the training was informative and good. I really enjoyed it.

Lisa A. Stiles-Roy
Agency Program Aide
Office of Children and Family Services
Healthy Families NY
(518) 473-6456

Results from the Participant Reaction forms indicated the trainees reacted well to the instructors and curriculum and gave high to very high ratings for all aspects of the training. In general, open ended responses provided additional evidence to support the positive outcomes of the training.



What Our Clients Say About Our WVP Training Seminars

“Very informative and well presented.”

“I enjoyed everything about this seminar and I wish more people were involved.”

“Made me look at things differently.”

“The instructor was excellent. Everyday examples and experiences really hit home!”

“Stuff I can use everyday and share with my kids.”