Why Train?

Preventing workplace violence and creating a safe and secure working environment are two important and difficult challenges facing employers today.  Providing up to date and innovative training programs and other services which enhance the safety and security of the workforce should be a component in the overall mission of the employer. As with all training and educational programs, the expense is relative to the possibility of costly litigation.

Who should be trained?

Everyone should be trained, it is essential that upper level management and supervisors participate in order to achieve an employee by-in (it’s in the best interest of everyone, if they are all on board… and heading in the same direction) etc.

How often should training be conducted?

A review of company policies and procedures should be conducted annually and training on the various components that lead to a incident of violence. This could be a more in-depth training than just a general training seminar on workplace violence.

Is this training customized to meet my needs?

Yes, the training is customized to fit the needs and size of your company.