Personal Safety

Personal safety today is all about changing our mindset.  So many of us think – “It’s not going to happen to me.”  The first step in being safe – be it in our personal life, school, or workplace- is accepting the fact that violence can happen to me.  Once we recognize that fact we can take measures to protect ourselves and our family from harm.  Our PRACTICAL approach to personal safety is about taking personal responsibility and recognizing threats and situations that put us at risk and responding prudently and appropriately.  When we talk about being aware and looking for the signs that indicate our personal safety is at risk we are not trying to instill fear or paranoia; but what we are attempting to do is to help you to stay safe, accept the fact there are people out there that may want to hurt you, intentionally or otherwise.  We want you to use the gifts mother nature and god gave you to go to work, school or perform your daily tasks in the same manner in which you started out the day Safe and Sound.

Practical Personal Safety – The 7th Sense
1 Hour Seminar

This program is an interactive PowerPoint and lecture presentation which addresses awareness, assessment of situations, locations and persons; weapons and potential weapons; conducting a personal assessment; and how to respond effectively and prudently by managing behaviors to, if not prevent, at least mitigate a violent situation both in the workplace and in daily life.   The program is flexible and interactive, geared to promote audience participation to take responsibility for their personal safety.